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Our Mission is to offer a platform to the youth of all cultural backgrounds in South Africa, where they use Arts and Culture to build their own capacity to dream, to succeed, to develop skills and ultimately claim their birthright as powerful and equal young people.


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Our Vision is to maximise the positive impact our projects will have on our youth by linking Arts and Education.


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How the Unique Power of Shakespeare Unites Children from Diverse Backgrounds

The Shakespeare Schools Festival SA sees young actors interpreting classical characters such as Romeo, Macbeth, Cleopatra and Titania in phenomenal ways Want to see a magic trick? Head to the Artscape on 16, 17 and 18 April because school children will be doing what Shakespeare had hours to present, [...]

Shakespeare Schools Festival South Africa

If you can conquer Shakespeare, imagine what else you can do. We’ve seen our theatre festival give young people a real sense of self-worth, and the confidence to tackle difficulties in their lives,” says Kseniya Filinova-Bruton, the founder and CEO of the Shakespeare Schools Festival South Africa (SSFSA), now in [...]

There is a Shakespeare Schools Festival in South Africa?

There is a Shakespeare Schools Festival South Africa? Or, “What is Shakespeare Schools Festival?” is the question my American readers may be asking. At length, the new year brought us to a new country. Hence, January found us in Cape Town. Cape Town feels like the edge of the world. [...]


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