“my Shakespeare” revisited – Teacher’s conference, Cape Town 2019

The power of multilingualism

The “my shakespeare” workshop was held at the Baxter Theatre from 11-12 May 2019. The aim was not purely to help teachers improve their learners’ marks; nor was it a talkshop about Shakespeare’s place in the school curriculum. Like the Shakespeare Schools Festival, “my shakespeare” focused on arts education on a broader scope, notably by encouraging and equipping teachers to explore the connections between “stage” and “page”, between the experience of performance (whether as audience member or as theatre maker) and the forms of literacy that studying “English” as a school subject is intended to develop. There was a strong focus on promoting multilingualism and translanguaging : using the practice of translating Shakespeare as a means of empowering learners to employ their existing linguistic abilities, and incorporating different languages of learning and teaching into classroom and theatre practice.

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