Artscape Theatre Skills and Training Internship Programme

Mentorship and Training in the Theatre Industry

Educape Trust , in partnership with Artscape Theatre Centre, and with the support of The Learning Trust, has been afforded the exciting opportunity to launch a Technical Skills and Training initiative for young people who have a keen interest in the technical disciplines in theatre, including Lighting, Sound, Stage Management and Wardrobe. The programme comprises a Workplace Integrated Learning Internship, where they work alongside professional theatre practitioners who mentor and train them whilst they develop their skills. They are in a unique position to gain practical experience as part of the “behind-the-scenes” team whilst being guided and supported in their journey to a career in the theatre industry. Interns will be monitored throughout the programme and be provided with regular assessments and feedback to encourage their growth and skills development.

Participants have gained knowledge and skills in various technical aspects of the theatre, including running live performances, operating sound and lighting equipment and working withing a team to effectively manage stage productions. They have also had an opportunity to enhance their soft skills such as timekeeping, working under pressure, taking responsibility for their role within a team, self-confidence and a feeling of self-worth.

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