Educape – An Adventure in Learning!

We are an enthusiastic and dynamic team dedicated to investing in South Africa’s youth.

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Who We Are

We combine Arts and Education to foster a sense of agency, self-worth and self-confidence and aim to empower young people with skills and knowledge they are able to take with them into their workplaces and lives. We guide and support them through the use of a range of theatre, arts and cultural activities to promote team work, social cohesion and working with diverse and differently abled persons. We encourage them to embrace responsibility, to conquer obstacles and to understand their own value and purpose.

Why We Do This

Our projects create a space within which our youth can harness their passion and grow their appreciation and knowledge of the arts and cultural sectors, while we encourage their commitment to our core values of co-operation, integrity, determination, recognition, respect, responsibility and policy.

Shakespeare Schools’
Festival South


Artscape Theatre
Skills and Training


Open Borders


Our Mission

Our Mission is to offer a platform to the youth of all cultural backgrounds in South Africa, where they use Arts and Culture to build their own capacity to dream, to succeed, to develop skills and ultimately claim their birthright as powerful and equal young people.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to maximise the positive impact our projects will have on our youth by linking Arts and Education.